3 March 2018

What a cute little Chinese-American diner!   This is something a bit different from the creator of Bonita Bonita and Poke Poke.  The blush pink velvet booths are unique and inviting.   They have created an old-school diner feel while the pink tones add a modern touch.  There is a gorgeous little rock garden outside the arched windows to gaze out to (it could do with some steps through it to guide you to the front door!)  Not the coolest spot in summer as there is no aircon but winter will be a winner.

They are open Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to late, with breakfast and diner-style filter coffee on the weekend from 7am.


Husband FE (Fussy Eater):  FE tried the Cheeseburger Spring Roll and the Mac ‘n Cheese with BBQ Pork – and wasn’t impressed with either.   The Beef Cheek Jaffle with Cheese, Sarsparilla & Plum Sauce was pretty good though. FE  6/10

16yr old VFE (Very Fussy Eater):   VFE liked the Mac ‘n Cheese but again not overly impressed!  Very small serving for the price.  5/10

Me FOF (Finder of Food): My Mojito was absolutely delicious!  The Bao were very tasty but a little cold.  7/10

Value:  Not expensive but the servings do seem small.

Service:  You order at the counter so not a lot of service involved – they were fast bringing out the meals though.

Verdict:  Very cute decor and I would like to go back – we did go on opening weekend so maybe they were still ironing out the details.



2375 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach
Gold Coast, Queensland
PH: Walk-ins only
FB: None as yet!

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