Easy Street Diner

18 November 2017

Awesome, authentic American diner in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast Highway.  Noisy and always busy, just as diners should be.  Huge meals that no Weight Watchers member should go anywhere near – but worth every calorie!

They are open 7 days from 5 – 9pm.


Husband FE (Fussy Eater):  FE is not a huge pork fan but these Pork Belly Nuggets with MAPLE GLAZE won even his pork hardened heart.  They are absolutely to die for.  And if you have too many – you may!  The fries are excellent and the burgers are huge.   His kind of place obviously.  9/10

16yr old VFE (Very Fussy Eater):  VFE loves this place too – the pork nuggets are his favourite.   The Pigmac burger hit the spot the second time we went (the very next day after the first time). 9/10

Me FOF (Finder of Food):  Loved everything we tried.  The mac and cheese is excellent and, as you can see by the photo – verrrry cheesy!  As it should be.  And a very generous serving – as it should be.  Yummy cocktails – basic selection of wines but lots of beers available.  9/10

Value:  Fantastic value – large portions and great prices.

Service:  Great service – we did get a meal go missing but they were super apologetic and even took it off the bill.  Very friendly bar staff.

Verdict:  Go if you can get in!  The word has got out and it’s a local favourite.


Easy Street Diner

12/2563 Gold Coast Highway
Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland
PH: (07)  5554 6542

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