5 July 2017

This was our second visit after absolutely falling in love with this place the first time.  So we bought all the family back for my birthday and we were not disappointed.  Fantastic food, staff, lighting, drinks, music, and decor.  If I won lotto I would definitely be eating here at least once a week.

Husband FE (Fussy Eater): HFE loved the beef skewers, pork belly skewers and the macadamia rhubarb dessert.  The 75 Japanese whiskies that are on hand don’t go astray either!  He will be trying the homemade ginger beer next time – sounds amazing. 10/10

15yr old VFE (Very Fussy Eater):  VFE loved all of the above as well.  We actually had to order another macadamia dessert (we were all sharing) because he loved it so much and I have to give in to those dimples.   9/10

Me FOF (Finder of Food): I loved it all – spicy edamame, spicy karage chicken (the plain was a bit salty), beef tataki – first time I have tried it and it was perfect.  I wouldn’t order the halloumi again – was not thrilled.   Also a huge fan of the macadamia dessert.   9/10

22yr old LBF (Little Bit Fussy):  LBF loved the beef tataki and this is something she eats everywhere – this was an amazing version apparently.  She was also a fan of the beef and pork belly skewers.  9/10

Others Comments:  Sashimi was almost as good as what they had in Tokyo.  Salmon avocado sushi was amazing,  Scallops tempura were really yummy.  Macadamia dessert best ever!  9/10

Value:  Not cheap but fabulous venue and fabulous food.  Worth every cent.

Service: Awesome staff that are a bit fun and always on the ball.  Will fix any complaint you have almost immediately.

Verdict:  I think you can guess…I love this place and will be back as many times as I can afford to be!  Save it for a special occasion.


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