Mikes Kitchen Rib & Steakhouse


25 May 2017

We don’t even look at the menu as we all have our favourites for lunch!  We have been going here for years and it is consistently amazing!  Make sure you book as it gets very busy – even on week nights.  

Husband FE (Fussy Eater): HFE always gets the ribs and steak combo – he can never finish it and so the leftover ribs are lunch the next day.  They seem to taste even better then!  9/10

14yr old VFE (Very Fussy Eater):  14VFE says they have the best ribs on the earth no question! Gotta be prepared to get messy but they are worth it!   And of course the Milk Tart gets squeezed in our bellies for dessert!  10/10

22yr old LBF (Little Bit Fussy):  22LBF also can’t resist the ribs – we have been going here on her birthday since she was about 5!  She is even on the wall of fame in there at about 7yrs old with a face full of rib sauce! 10/10

Me FOF (Finder of Food): The steak sandwich is pretty much a beautiful, tender piece of steak (not crappy steak) on Turkish bread with salad and it is to die for! Ask for feta for extra deliciousness.  Hot tip – order the pepper sauce to dip your chips in – perfection!  9/10

Value:  Lunch time meals are great value – dinner steaks are not cheap but worth it.  The ribs are a perfect meal to share if you get the kilo and then it is great value.

Service: Always friendly, efficient waiters. They manage even large tables with ease and food always manages to come out at the same time – just incredible! Elton is the host with the most…always remembers your name and loves to have a chat.

Verdict:  If you haven’t tried Mikes you are crazy!  This is the ONLY place on the GC


Mikes Kitchen Rib & Steakhouse

2 Gooding Dr, Merrimac, Gold Coast, Queensland 4226, Australia

FB: Mikes Kitchen

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