Welcome to Scotta Eat

Because you know – you gotta eat!  We are a family of three – sometimes four when our wonderful daughter (22) decides to join us!

We consist of me Finder of Food (FOF) – I like lots of food, hate avocado, love cats, hate spiders, normal job is admin in a printing company.  Then there is husband (Fussy Eater – HFE for the blog posts) who loves tech, hates dogs, loves rugby union, hates AFL, is a software, website and app inventer, absent minded professor type.  Son (14) is a Very Fussy Eater (14VFE for the blog) loves gaming, hates rules, loves basketball, hates deodorant, loves pulled pork and is a student in Year 10. Daughter (22) (Little Bit Fussy – 22LBF) loves horses, HATES spiders, loves ballet, hates taking photos and is studying criminology and psychology while working for a housing developer.

We love all types of food and especially enjoy finding and trying new spots on the Gold Coast.  We are regular people with regular tastes – not too fancy – not too boring!    I hope you enjoy the reviews and enjoy the food we might help you find!  And yes I like exclamation marks!!!!

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